Nielsen Market Research-West Chester

What is Nielsen Market Research?

Nielsen Market Research is an up and coming market research company located in West Chester. We are always looking for consumers like you to participate in short one hour studies. We schedule Monday through Friday with appointment times beginning at 9:00am and as late as 4:00pm. The topics of our studies vary but often include: fabric care, baby care, skin care, cosmetics, men's products, cleaning supplies, hair care, household items and many more.

Our studies always take 1 hour or less and pay $75 upon completion; you will receive $75 the same day as your study.

How do I get started?

To get started, we have an online survey for you to complete. Once you have completed the survey, we will contact you if you qualify to schedule for your one hour study. It is that easy!

Complete our survey to see if you qualify today!

I have already done a study with Nielsen Market Research. Can I do more studies with your company?

Yes! You can visit us for a paid study once every 6 months! Have you been in for a study in the past? This table shows when you will be eligible again based on what month you were last with us for a study:

Study Month Eligibility Month
January July
February August
March September
April October
May November
June December
July January
August February
September March
October April
November May
December June

Can't remember when you were in to see us last? Do you think it has been longer than 6 months but are unsure? Give us a call and check in, we would love to hear from you.

Where are you located? How can we contact your office?

We are conveniently located at

8868 Beckett Rd
West Chester, OH 45069

This is right off I-75 at Exit 19. Need directions? Please click on the map below:

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Contact Information:

Nielsen Market Research Recruit Team
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IRB Information

Please note that our company is certified by an independent review board (IRB) and we abide by its guidelines. IRB certification signals that the research has been through rigorous review by a panel of independent researchers to insure that participant rights are safeguarded. All information gathered throughout this process is kept strictly confidential. Should you have any questions about this company, please see our website at